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Hope for Tomorrow's mission is to cultivate healthy bonds between children and their families, working in collaboration with community partners to provide quality-driven, compassionate care in a safe, supportive environment. 
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Toll-free: 877-652-HOPE
537 East Washington Avenue Washington, New Jersey 07882

Supervised Parenting Time and Custody Exchange Services in NJ

Hope for Tomorrow, a Child and Family Support Center, offers a safe, home-like environment for children and families in New Jersey. Our trained professionals recognize the need for a safe, neutral place for children to be able to continue contact with parents and/or significant relatives with whom they are unable to maintain unsupervised contact. Our NJ child and family support center does not judge or make decisions; we simply provide a safe, loving place for you and your children to be together.

NJ Child and Family Support

Located in New Jersey, our child and family support center offers supervised parenting time to families experiencing domestic violence, divorce, or those with children in out-of-home placement such as foster care. Our trained professionals act as a neutral third party to supervise these visits, offering parents and children the opportunity to bond in a way that would otherwise not be possible during custody litigation or in cases of a restraining order against one or both spouses. Visits between parents and children during foster care placement are of paramount importance, as they have a profound impact on the child's physical safety, emotional well-being, the length of time they spend in placement. Regular visitation also has a positive effect on children's futures and how they view their parents and the world around them.

Exchanging children between estranged spouses can be very stressful on both the parents and the children. Our custody exchange service enables custodial and non-custodial parents to exchange children for weekend or weekday visits without having to see or talk to one another. This service helps everyone involved feel less stressed and better able to enjoy the time with the children.

Parents who have lost custody of their children often have a need to improve their parenting skills. In these situations, the courts may require these parents to participate in Hope for Tomorrow’s Guided Parenting Visitation, which helps parents learn how to use better strategies and deal with children’s misbehavior appropriately. This program is twelve weeks long.

Our child and family support center's services all share a common goal: to protect the child's physical safety and emotional well-being above all else. At Hope for Tomorrow, we always put CHILDREN FIRST.

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On Sunday November 10, 2013 Hope for Tommorrw held it's 5K.  We had a huge turnout and everybody had a blast!!  Hope to see you all there next year!!